What Is The Real Answer To Self Sabotage?

Published: 15th February 2012
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Some of us just canít seem to help ourselves. Whenever things are going well for us, we just have to throw a spanner in the works and wreck everything
Sometimes we really try to help people, but they always misinterpret what we are trying to do, and we end up being labelled the villain instead of the hero we would really like to be.

Itís not fair really. Why do some people just breeze through life with no worries, while the rest of us mere mortals seem to get stuck with all the problems?

We try to be positive and do the best we can, but things always go wrong.

Why is this so?

Itís all to do with our expectations and the power of our mind.

If we have low or negative expectations, we seem to attract unfortunate things into our lives, no matter how hard we try to be positive.

Itís not our conscious mind. That part of us really does want things to go right for us.

The problem lies in the deep subconscious parts of our mind. This deep part of our mind is incredibly powerful.

It IS capable of telekinesis and telepathy, as well as psychic healing and teleportation.

We seem to have forgotten these positive uses of the mind.

As with all things, if we do not use them, we lose them. But it is even worse than that, this power of the mind will not remain inactive, so it turns to negative activities.

What we have to do is to re-awaken the positive power of our deep subconscious mind.

Before we can even attempt to this, we must understand the cause of all this fear, conflict and anger that seems to exist at the deepest levels of our subconscious mind.

It all stems from our deep primal fear of being left alone in the universe, without any apparent support from any higher form of Life.

Perhaps we should recognise that what actually happened was that in order to develop our intellect, we have temporarily lost most of our intuitive contact with the higher dimensions of life.

We have invented many things to pacify this primal fear. This deep subconscious fear which would be happy to wreck our lives.

We have replaced our fear and loneliness with a host of material things. We have all the toys of modern technology. We have business, sport, recreation, hobbies, art and culture, as well as social and romantic activities.

Donít you see?

This primal fear has caused us to suffer from all forms of ill health.

The original intention of all ill health was to stimulate growth and awareness by forcing people to develop their natural powers of immunity and resistance to illness.

Eventually, as people progress to self awareness, there should be no need for these negative forms of life, their job would have been completed and then they could transmute to more positive expressions of life.

Well, in a way they have forced growth in scientific research and development. They have stimulated growth of the intellect to such a stage that we are coming to understand some of the secrets of human life.

All this is very well, but donít you think we have missed the whole point? Donít you think we should be accelerating the growth of our intuition?

The positive thinkers have it right. If we think positive - our lives will be positive. If we think negative - our lives will be negative. But this is not at the level of our conscious mind. It is at the level of our deepest subconscious mind, the deepest spiritual level of ourselves.

So why do we continually punish ourselves and our planet?

Well, why not? We have been left here on our own, to look after ourselves. Our spiritual and temporal leaders tell us we are a bad lot anyway. Nothing seems to work, no matter how hard we try. So stuff it. If we are going to hell anyway we might just as well enjoy ourselves on the way.

What the hell are we supposed to do?

The answer is that the buck stops with us.

We must look inside ourselves for any form of Ďsalvationí.

Thatís a bit scary!

You mean we cannot blame the mysterious and ever present Ďtheyí or Ďthemí for all our troubles. You mean the buck stops with us!

It depends on what we really want.

We have to make the conscious decision that we really do want to improve our lives and move towards self awareness. Once we have done this, AND REALLY MEAN IT, we will receive all the help we want from the deepest parts of ourself.
We have to do all the hard work, or it just will not work.

What we have to do is to make a stronger intuitive connection or communication with the higher levels of ourself, ďour higher selfĒ.

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